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Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into GIS Technologies

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced rapidly, equal or even surpassing human accuracy in tasks such as image recognition, reading comprehension, and text translation. In broad terms, AI refers to a computer’s capacity to accomplish a task that normally needs some level of human intellect. Machine learning is one type of engine that makes this possible. It learns from data using data-driven algorithms to provide you with the answers you require. Deep learning is a new type of machine learning that uses computer-generated neural networks that are inspired by and resemble the human brain to solve problems and make predictions. The convergence of AI and GIS is opening up previously unimaginable possibilities. AI GIS is a phrase that refers to a group of technologies that combine artificial intelligence (AI) with GIS operations such as spatial data processing and analysis algorithms (GeoAI). AI GIS has progressively been the major focus of geoscience research and application in recent years.

Products and Services

View our Products and Services which range from Alteration Mapping to Spectral Analysis 

Alteration Mapping

Alteration Mapping

Geological Alteration Mapping Packages produced using Medium Resolution and High Resolution Satellite Images

Exact Pixel Matching

With Exact Pixel Matching we are able to colour code samples of Developed and Undeveloped Deposits in the form of Diamond Deposits, Copper Deposits, Gold Deposits, Etc. We are able to use this feature as a Locality Detection Tool

Exact Pixel Matching
Digital Elevation

Digital Elevation

Powerful Elevation Data Which Enhances Mapping Projects

Spectral Analysis

Detecting and Mapping of Low and High Concentrations of Minerals

Spectral Analysis

Global Operational Regions

A detailed list of our Global Operational Regions

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